Tri Delta Recruitment



Last August we were so excited to welcome 86 new members into Tri Delta! We have been very hard at work for Recruitment 2018, and we cannot wait to welcome another new, amazing pledge class into their home away from home! 


The recommendations from our alumnae are taken into great consideration and we appreciate all of the time and effort that goes into each reference. Below is the link to printable reference forms which can also be filled out as a PDF online. Also accepted is the reference form through the Tri Delta headquarter's website, but the provided is preferred. Regardless of the reference format that you choose, please attach a resume and a picture of the potential new member you are recommending. All references are due no later than July 10, 2018.

Our Recruitment Team prefers the reference form above, which can be printed and mailed in or submitted online via Email. 

Please note that it is not required that the alumna writing the reference form to be from the Delta Omega chapter here at LSU, but rather that she be a member in good standing of her Delta Delta Delta sorority at the university where she was initiated. 

Once you complete the form please mail it to:

Tri Delta House

attn: Sydney Richeson

4070 West Lakeshore Drive

Baton Rouge, LA 70808

If you plan to email the form, please email to Sydney Richeson at 


LSU Recruitment 2017


Round 1, Ice Water: Sunday, Aug. 12-Monday, Aug. 13

Round 2, Philanthropy: Tuesday, Aug. 14-Wednesday, Aug. 15

Round 3, Sisterhood: Thursday, Aug. 16

Round 4, Preference: Friday, Aug. 17

BID DAY: Aug. 18

  Kelsey Booth  VP Membership Experience                            VP of Recruitment

Kelsey Booth
VP Membership Experience                            VP of Recruitment

  Mackenzie Mire  Director of Recruitment Events  

Mackenzie Mire
Director of Recruitment Events

  Sydney Richeson                               Reference Chair

Sydney Richeson                              Reference Chair